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The Vagabond Wild Tarot 3rd Edition

The Vagabond Wild Tarot 3rd Edition

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Journey into the heart of the cosmos with The Vagabond Wild Tarot 3rd Edition. This full-size, 78-card deck is your guide to understanding life's mysteries and finding harmony with the universe. Designed for daily use, it offers life-affirming insights and a path to inner peace.

With its color-coded suits of cups, swords, pentacles, and wands, and traditional Rider-Waite symbolism, this deck is accessible for beginners and a treasure for experienced Tarot enthusiasts. Each card intricately weaves the 12 zodiac constellations and planetary symbols, inviting a deeper cosmic dimension to your readings.

Deck Details:

  • Printed on superior smooth quality art paper for a luxurious feel.
  • Card dimensions: 2.75" x 4.75", perfect for handling and shuffling.
  • Crafted with durable UV-coated 400gsm cardstock, ensuring longevity and resilience.
  • 78 enchanting cards with iridescent silver edges, adding a touch of magic to each draw.
  • Housed in a custom, sturdy two-part box for lasting protection and storage.
  • Accompanied by a vivid, full-color guidebook inside the box, offering insights, spreads, and interpretations to enhance your Tarot journey.

The Vagabond Wild Tarot 3rd Edition is more than just a Tarot deck; it's a gateway to tapping into your intuition, finding balance, and connecting with the universe in a profound way. Embrace this tool of self-discovery and let it illuminate your path to fulfillment.

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