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This deck -- living up to the Vagabond name -- feels both social and solitary, such that you could bring it along to read at a vineyard wine-tasting event or you could immerse yourself in the layered images for contemplative work. And the rose gold edging!! Highly recommend.

Texlana from Etsy

Shipping was incredibly timely and opening was a treat! Great quality and beautifully illustrated! Can't wait for the tarot set to come in August. :)

Kacieschmidtty from Etsy

Beautiful artwork and card stock make this deck a joy to work with. Fast shipping, too. Thank you!

Texlana from Etsy

This deck is so my style. Easy to shuffle, too!! Everything is well put together. Professional work.

Love Goddess from Etsy

These cards are gorgeous! Definitely glad I got the companion book, so worth it!

Aidan from Etsy