The Vagabond Wild Tarot 3rd Edition

Journey into the heart of the cosmos with The Vagabond Wild Tarot 3rd Edition. This full-size, 78-card deck is your guide to understanding life's mysteries and finding harmony with the universe. Designed for daily use, it offers life-affirming insights and a path to inner peace.

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The Divine Wild Goddess Oracle

The Divine Wild Goddess Oracle is a 40-card oracle deck inspired by 40 iconic women from world history, religion, literature, and mythology. Tap into the subconscious mind and receive guidance from your Higher Self through the symbolism of The Divine Wild Goddess Oracle.

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Explore the Travel Sized Edions

Mini decks for self-discovery ✨
The Travel Editions are mini versions of The Vagabond Wild Tarot 1st and 2nd Editions which are both a 78-card deck to guide you along your journey to fulfillment. Use it daily on the go to obtain harmony with the universe and get life-affirming answers.

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About the Artist

Tiffany Sosa the owner of Boho and Indie Wild and illustrator who creates cosmic oracle and tarot decks.

Her goal is to empower others on their spiritual path through intuition, wisdom, and guidance.

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