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October 2018 Tarot Forecast

October 2018 Tarot Forecast
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In October 2018, there will be some much needed reflection and isolation coming forward but it will be making way for a necessary, new beginning mentally. 


Currently money is on the mind. You may be letting greed get the better of you this month, while you are missing out on more important aspects in your life. Are you scouring the job sights, daydreaming about what you could be making? Or are feelings of "not having enough" poking their greedy head into your life? The upcoming holidays may also be causing you to have fear of financial loss. What fears do you have around money and wealth? How will you handle the emotions surrounding greed and wanting "more"? Often wealth is based as much on your psychological state as your actual financial state.


Either you are going into yourself feeling sorry and lonely, or you are refusing to go within to find inner harmony and peace. Whichever it is, focus on understanding why you feel the way you do. The Hermit is an invitation to go deeper into your inner being and rediscover your greater meaning and purpose on this earth. How can you release your fears and worries to create a needed inner harmony and balance for a happier, healthier space?


The Fool wants you to focus on YOU. Creating balance will help create a new path in your journey towards fulfilment. Unsure about how to handle the fear? The Fool brings with it, courage to take risks in a healthy manner. We don't know what the future holds because it's always changing because of our actions. We control the wheel. Why not turn off onto a new road and let the excitement drive you to new feelings and experiences? Have faith that things will fall into place if you can live in the moment and not the future. Look at how you experience life and let your stipulations about money fall away. What's important is your happiness and the wealth of relationships, experiences, and the journey itself.


Know that it's okay to be worried about finances and supporting those who need you. Don't let it consume you and focus on your emotions around it. Having money doesn't make you rich. Having no money doesn't make you poor. Find your own balance and new roads will automatically open up for you. Enjoy the ride and get a little creative! ;)

I hope you have a really wonderful month ahead, and I look forward to sharing the Monthly Tarot Forecast with you again soon. Bye for now!


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