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How to Apply Tarot Meanings to Your Everyday Life

How to Apply Tarot Meanings to Your Everyday Life
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Bringing Tarot into your everyday life can be a highly rewarding form of self-care. It can offer inspiration and support as you grow your inner awareness and your understanding of what’s going on around you.

At times, Tarot meanings can seem convoluted and difficult to comprehend. This is possible because of the sheer amount of different interpretations that you can find from a variety of resources. And some of what’s written about Tarot can imply that it’s something so complex that it should be reserved for special occasions.

But don’t listen to the dramatized stories that paint Tarot in this way. The meanings of Tarot cards can surely be applied to your everyday life, and this doesn’t have to be daunting.

So here are some important reminders to keep with you as you learn to incorporate Tarot into your everyday life:


Practical intention is where to start

A Tarot reading will always turn out to be more or less what you intend it to be. If you go into it expecting to be told your entire life story or what you’ll be doing years from now, the cards will give you broad information the kind that is not easily understood from an everyday perspective. That’s why it is important to set practical intentions for your reading before you begin. Come up with a few questions about your life recently and ask the Tarot to provide insight. Draw cards with a purpose in mind so that the reading can be more targeted. Focus on today. Everyday readings require everyday intentions.


Choose realistic Tarot spreads

Another important aspect of an everyday Tarot reading is to choose the right spread. Again, it’s easy to get caught up wondering about the distant future, and maybe everyday life isn’t the most exciting. But if you want to apply Tarot meanings to your day-to-day experiences, elaborate spreads are best left for more rare times. Three card spreads that relate to specifics are a great place to start. Even drawing a single card in the morning or evening can be a nice way to reflect on each day and let the Tarot guide you. Everyday Tarot card meanings are something that you can cultivate this way.


Tarot cards are not literal guides

Remember that the Tarot is not meant to be taken too literally. The symbols on many cards can be dramatic and hyperbolized. But that doesn’t mean their messages have to be.

Applying Tarot meanings to everyday living is all about learning how to interpret the stories of the cards by connecting what they represent with what is really going on in your life. If you draw a seemingly horrible card or one that sounds way too great to be relatable, practice recognizing the themes that they bring up and take a closer look at how they shine light on certain truths.

Wisdom comes from within

Lastly, keep in mind that the Tarot is merely a channel through which you receive information from yourself. Anything that the cards tell you, you already know deep down. Tarot makes the subconscious wisdom we hold inside of us conscious again. So when applying Tarot card meanings to your daily life, don’t overthink it. The cards are simply mirrors that illuminate what you really want to learn about yourself. It is not too hard or complex. You are fully capable of taking themes and meanings and noticing their daily presence. All you have to do listen to yourself, and practice.


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